Monday, October 24, 2016

He's back

I have been a little quieter than normal over the past two months on this blog but to borrow a phrase from a well-known Halloween movie - He's Back!

My absence was due to my clumsiness and a certain daughter's ingenuity. She first - cups of tea don't need to be poured into modems to test connectivity. Given she is all of 18 months I guess I have contributory culpability for leaving the modem in an accessible spot.

The temporary loss of the modem was overcome by using the data off my phone to access the Internet. Unfortunately it was the additional lead that tripped me up one Saturday morning about two months ago, leading to me falling onto my laptop with disastrous results. There is much to be said for keeping precious photographs in the 'cloud' and not on hard drives. While I am still slowly recovering files I have finally managed to remember the password to get back blogging, so here's a short post with a few snaps of shunting at Sydney Terminal over the years.

First up, the utilitarian 7920, captured sometime in the 1960s.

Second, the just plain ugly head of a 41 class, snapped at the head of a tour train on 11 February 1973. Yes, as usual, in the rain.

Number three was a good looking shunter - the mighty 73 class.  Here, 7339 shunting the western carriage sheds after dark in the 1980s. Its a bit over-exposed but you get the picture (dad pun intended).

And finally, how it always ends up before it ends - a 48 class. Here it is 4831 in the early 1990s.

So, I will be back shortly, and hopefully with a series of decent blogs. Back to the file recovery process.