Sunday, August 6, 2017

Jumbos in Govt Service

I have about 10 minutes before I head to bed but I thought I should just keep the blogger-verse populated with a few more rail shots.  I do like 442s of all hues so here is a few...

As delivered - 44237 on a down wheat at Bundanoon at the end of a very hot day in January 1981.

By 1985 when the following shot was taken, the high visibility 'reverse' livery was just looking a bit daggy and drab.

The candy era looked good on Jumbos - 44208 and 44211 are about to take me south from Brisbane on the Limited in April 1989.

I also thought the FreightCorp/FreightRail Blue looked good on these locos.

These fine beasties have worn many a hue since leaving Government service.  I'l leave those to another time. Will leave you with one more original from January 1981 - this time its 44223 on the Southern Highlands Express at Bundanoon.