Sunday, June 17, 2018

From the vault, and probably should stay there.

I figure its about time to post some of our own photos for a change, especially as this is the 200th blog post. So here's a few from the vault from around Sydney in the early 1960s. Each snap has a little story or quirk (at least to my tiny mind), as well as a few deficiencies.

Lets start with a photograph that has at least two quirks. It would seem that the pig is 3670, but with 3646's tender. The second quirk is the white roof on the guardsvan behind 1941.  Its at Redfern around 1960, by the way...

And then there is this one of stored electrics.  I suspect its around Enfield somewhere. The first car is a Bradfield and the next two are run of the mill, but I have never worked out what the last carriage is in this line up.

This third photograph is straightforward - the mystery is that the 41 actually appears to be moving.  A class not known for movement.

Not much in question in the next shot, apart from the identity of the trucks loaded behind the 38.  The identity of the 38 is also in question - at least its not the 3-8-0-1.

And I am going to finish with a photo that probably can't be fixed until the 22nd century.  It highlights the frustrations of manual wind-on cameras in the 1960s.  In all the excitement of finding 3224 hauling a HG and a dead pig probably for scrapping, the film was not advanced for the next shot. 

So, I'll leave you with a big 'thank you' for persevering with me for 200 posts and a promise that many more marginal photographs are still to be published in the next 200 posts.


Friday, June 8, 2018

Southern sojourn, 1957 style

Who doesn't love a Victorian holiday? I know I love the opportunity to go somewhere where you can talk footy 24 hours a day and not appear deranged, and to drink beer from ridiculously small glasses. And to photograph at manly, ferocious-looking locomotives.

In this blog posting it seems I can confirm our Mr Brady also enjoyed a trip to Victoria.  He took one in May 1957, covering Melbourne, Ballarat and Maryborough. As you readers know as much or more of those parts as I do, I won't attempt extensive captions... just sit back and scroll to your delight!

Two of L1162 ...

Steam power!!! 

And what I am guessing is a near new B class?

And to finish up - a pretty self-explanatory situation involving a tram and a large block of cheese.


Thursday, May 31, 2018

Parkes, 2008

I have just realised I am closing in on 200 blog posts and I haven't given due time to the recent past. Here, to redress this imbalance somewhat, is a few shots taken 10 years ago around Parkes. In most cases, these photos (however imperfect) are just as historic now as shots taken 40 or 50 years ago.

A decade ago, T383 had just received a fresh coat of paint and looked particularly spruce.

Parked alongside, 48s36 looked sturdily weather-worn.

48s37 was a little further off, resting on shop bogies.

The third of the Silverton 48s/830s present - 48s32 - was best captured by Junior in the evening.

Moving from yellow to orange, SCT005 and SCT001 collect a dead 2212 from Parkes yard to be part of that night's westbound freight on 19 July 2008.

And then there were locos going nowhere under their own steam. From memory, 4809 left Parkes a few years later on the back of a truck.

And 4842 was a very successful parts donor by this time.

And to finish up, something prosaic a decade ago but now exotic - 48157, 48149, 4899 and  48109 on an empty grain train about to leave Parkes on the morning of 20 July 2008.

Until next time!


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hawkesbury - October 1958

Another collection from the camera of Mr Ian Brady, this time collected on 11 October 1958.  These photos are perhaps my favourite batch of Ian's collection purchased secondhand by a mate, for reasons which will be obvious from the very first photograph.  Here it is, 4420 helped along by a 43, back to back!

There'll be more Alco goodness along the way, but lets move to a couple of standard goods locos getting things underway at Hawkesbury River.

On this day on the Short North, Ian photographed seven of the 30-strong C38 class, starting with the most-junior (and green) member on an up Flyer.


Next we have 38s 25, 16, 12,15, 10 and 07.


I was thinking about starting a competition to see which reader could explain what is going on with 3807 in this last picture.  It appears to be an up train on the down main, and then there is the issue of a gentleman standing in the permanent way, chatting to the crew.  Anyway, enough of that.  Back to trains... time for another Alco, or two.

Back to the Cowan side of things. Time for three little pigs. First pig is 3617 with an up local passenger.

And if you like pigs on passengers, how about popping 5175 (I think) on the front of one?

The third little pig Ian photographed that day also seems to be be wrong road on Cowan bank.

And I'll finish with 4011 getting a help up the bank.

I presume Ian decided not to photograph a few trains that day, as they were then too prosaic to waste expensive film - he was shooting Kodak. But gee, what a collection by a very talented shutterbug.

Might have to get back to pasting a few of my shots up on this blog sometime.


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Trams at Railway Square - 1958

Second post in a day!!! 

Actually just sitting here waiting for interminable downloads to happen when I remembered the packs of photographs given to me recently by a mate (see my post on 12 and 26 October last year).  The following photographs were taken on 17 or 18 November 1958 by Mr Ian Brady, who was an accomplished photographer of both trains and trams.

I won't add a commentary, except to say, check out those neons and cars!




Cheers! - There won't be a third installment today!!


Dubbo, from the platform

The beaut thing about Dubbo is that the station platform gave and gives an excellent viewing platform for whatever was in the yard. Although it was on the southern side of the railway, some good shots could be had. So here is a few, though I suspect the photographers shuffled off the platform to trespass down the yard at time. 

First up, 3815 is on the up Through Mail around 1964. A 36 class sits opposite.

A year later, Dubbo's small loco shed was found hosting two garratts, two 32s and 3818.

Lets move to some colour fillum! A cleaned up slide of 3237 (we suspect) and 3144T, themselves spruced up in front of the shed which needed a little sprucing itself. It was 10 April 1966.

Finally, for this installment, its January 1967 and 3649 and 3328 are residents at Dubbo loco depot.
That's enough for now!


Friday, April 20, 2018

38s on the south

I think its about time to unleash a few more 38s on the populace.  In 1969 the Esteemed Eldest Paternal Uncle pointed his Mini Cooper S in the direction of the southern highlands to capture the beasts in the final days of working passenger trains in that area.  He came back with shots of 3811 and the sublime '13, so lets get into them...

First,3811.  I am not 100% on where these photos were taken and therefore their order so I'll post them and leave it at that.  I am not even sure this all happened on the same day. Anyway, here's a departure from Bargo.

Then at speed...

On the curve at Maldon.

And Menangle.

Now, to 3813.

And again at Menangle Bridge.

I try not to be too sentimental about life but its difficult to make an argument that progress has delivered a better result for those in the highlands in the current rollingstock offering...