Sunday, March 26, 2017

Remembering Frank

Frank Barrett was an old family friend who passed away more than 30 years ago. While that is a fair time ago I still clearly remember his 'announcing' cough and knock at the back door. He was one of those laconic and upbeat sorts of people who we need more of on this planet.

A cup of tea was never far from Frank's hand, and a cigarette was usually close by the other hand.  Here is a shot of Frank enjoying one of the former whilst ensconced in the lounge car of the Indian Pacific.

Frank was active in the Illawarra Model Railway Association during 1970s where his big Rivarossi steam locomotives would monster those little Lima 44s on the next track.  But he loved the big stuff too, having been a guard for the Queensland Railways at one stage. I don't know when he started taking photographs or why, but I am very glad he did - and that he generously handed over a selection of his photographs to the Senior Train Hunter.

I'll start with a few of his shots taken on the Blue Mountains, pre-electrification. Lets start with 5712 appearing to be in full cry. 

Frank did his own film developing. I love the way he slightly over-exposed this next shot of a headlightless 5420 leading another 57 across the hill.

I am not sure this next shot is on the Mountains, but it is of 3635 as a round-top Pig so it goes in! The crew has apparently absconded. 

And I will finish this installment of the Frank Barrett series with my personal favourite - and a shot that is so clear it looks like a 21st century SLR camera has nabbed it. 3258 sits at the head of end-platform carriages. We (Tom and I - see below - thanks Tom) think that this location is Mount Vic. It sort of ties in with the location of the other shots too.  

Back soon with more from Frank and others!