Friday, April 20, 2018

38s on the south

I think its about time to unleash a few more 38s on the populace.  In 1969 the Esteemed Eldest Paternal Uncle pointed his Mini Cooper S in the direction of the southern highlands to capture the beasts in the final days of working passenger trains in that area.  He came back with shots of 3811 and the sublime '13, so lets get into them...

First,3811.  I am not 100% on where these photos were taken and therefore their order so I'll post them and leave it at that.  I am not even sure this all happened on the same day. Anyway, here's a departure from Bargo.

Then at speed...

On the curve at Maldon.

And Menangle.

Now, to 3813.

And again at Menangle Bridge.

I try not to be too sentimental about life but its difficult to make an argument that progress has delivered a better result for those in the highlands in the current rollingstock offering...


Saturday, April 14, 2018

A very special pig

This weekend appears to be the last hurrah for 3642, as it is due to be retired once more. I say once more because it has retired in 1969, 1973 and 1996. So never say 'never', but I suspect its probably the last time that I'll see it run around unless I get to be a very grumpy old man.

Wikipedia tells me that 'locomotive 3642 is two-cylinder, simple, non-condensing, coal-fired superheated, 4-6-0... express passenger steam locomotive built for the NSW Government Railways in 1926 by Clyde engineering'. I had the great pleasure of being primed all over by '42 last Friday on my last trip behind her, but before I get to that shot, here's a few others from years past...

While still in Government service - at Wollongong on a Port Kembla Inner Harbour tour on 3 September 1967. 

 The following year as a Rail Transport Museum loco - also at Wollongong.

Coupling up to 3651 for a trip up the Hill at Unanderra on 22 June 1969.

At the 'reopening' of Central Station on 28 November 1982.

Back in Wollongong on a Beach Tour in 1983.

On Wentworth Park Viaduct on 31 August 1991.

Heading off to the Southern Highlands for the RTM on 18 September 1994.

On a down Steamfest shuttle at Beresfield on 19 April 2009.

Same even, in 2011, at Maitland.

Shuttling off to Clyde on 11 June 2011.

Off on a Southern Highlander tour, via the Coast: 27 July 2013.

Through Redfern on a shuttle around the suburbs on 28 July 2013.

At rest in Central on 6 June 2014.

Off to Maitland Steamfest on 8 April 2016.

And now, the present... the beginning and the end of my trip last Friday, 13 April 2018.

So, here's to a loco that has spent more time in preservation than in revenue service, and nearly as much time in green as in black... one last look at a very special locomotive, once again in Wollongong in the late 1960s, being admired by the locals.