Saturday, October 8, 2011

Getting started...

Not content with failing to post regularly on my other blog (Eumungerie Rail), I have decided to divest my collection of rail stories and photographs on an unsuspecting public.  

So, get ready for the greatest collection of photographs featuring blurred locomotives, trains with poles growing out of them and stories of how, if I had only got there five minutes earlier, I would have got the money shot.

Just to start things off, lets have a look at 4812 which was photographed by yours truly one Sunday afternoon in spring in 1980.  Here it is, dead, sitting just off Wollongong turntable, looking a little worse for wear.  

Yep, I somehow managed to slice off the No. 2 end buffer plate but I did manage to catch the local admirer - complete in Wollongong's official flanels.   

The back story is that I also managed to miss the reason for my trip to Wollongong loco depot that afternoon - shortly after taking this shot the bloke in the flannel shirt wandered over to tell me that a 'black steamer' had just been through, headed north. Oh dear....

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