Sunday, November 4, 2012

Farewell 4825

As rumours abound that 4825 is soon to be scrapped by ts current owner (Engenco), I thought I would pop up the few photographs I have this little Alco.  

There is nothing particularly significant about this locomotive, but in a way it is emblematic of the treatment of branch line diesel horse-power - a long period of stable operation over the early years, followed by a frentic and diverse service history later in life. 

4825 started service in February 1961, and was assigned to Goulburn by 1965.  From memory, it probably headed south as soon as the indian red livery had been applied, as the Railway's administrators were very keen to dieselise the southern branch lines as quickly as possible in the early 1960s.

The loco's southern posting meant that it rarely managed to stray near my canmera' s lens.  On the rare occasion it did, I muffed the shot.  Still, the once ordinariness of the subject matter - an afternoon workers' train on the Illawarra in the late 1970s - deserves reproducing approximately 35 years later.  Its all so... brown!

In the early 1980s 4825 scored a repaint. The 'high viz' yellow paint on both ends did not stay 'viz' for too long.  A decade later, by which time the loco had moved to DELEC, the yellow hue looked rather drab.

Not too long after this photograph was taken at Central, the locomotive was sold to the Silverton group of companies.  In new ownership it was repainted into a highly attractive yellow, with blue trim.  It was also renumbered into 8s32.

As a Silverton loco, it travelled throughout NSW and beyond. It also went through a number of ownership changes, during a fairly turbulent period for privately-owned railway businesses during the 90s and the noughties.

Sadly 48s32 proved too elusive for this photographer until one afternoon in 2008 when the veteran was captured.  Its time to wrap up this short entry with a few shots of 48s32 in its dotage.  

So, finally, after 51 years of yeoman service, it looks like the sun is about to set on 48s32 (nee 4825).



  1. Hi Don

    Is it confirmed that 48s32 (ex-4825) will be scrapped?

    I wish Greentrains would renumber all of ex-Silverton's DL531s

    28, 29, 857, 4825, 4829, 4815, 4843, 4811 & 4838

    I supposed it doesn't matter for 48s32 now that she is going to be scrapped.

  2. Hi Joel,

    Just a rumour at this stage. Hopefully there is a reprieve possible.



  3. I just got word that not only 48s32 (ex-4825) is going to be scrapped but 48s37 (ex-4838) & 4842 both Parkes, as well as 4828, 4837 & 4841 at Broken Hill are joining her in the scrapping list

    Greentrains sold them to Access Recycling Services for that to happen.

    Greentrains' have sold their stored 80's as well, 16 out of 18 of them to be scrapped.

    Courtesy: Australian Railway Illustrated

  4. I've got pics of 4825 in an album ill have to scan up, my great uncle Ted Davis was the driver that lived across from the Bomaderry end of line where 4825 spent most of it's time before Silverton sitting on the siding there.

    Michael Ryan.

  5. Hi Michael, then your Uncle had the best job ever on the prettiest railway line in NSW!

  6. Thanks Don, only just seen this now after dad looked up the page!

    Michael Ryan.