Sunday, April 13, 2014

Enfield's staging roads

Last month I started a short series on Enfield's loco depot, from the 1960s through to its demise around 1975.  In collating the photographs from this location I gathered a small bunch which dont really fit with other collections, because in these snaps you actually get to see a working depot!

Not sure if they were actually called the staging roads, but the area to the western side of the roundhouses at Enfield was where the steam locos were fuelled and received light maintenance.  Loco transfers journeyed through this part of the yard.  In the first photograph, depot shunter 3127T hauls a dead 36 class through the area, possibly headed to drop the mainliner off for scrapping.

This next photograph is from 1969 and has 3651 and 5224 being readied for a shift.


Around the same year, 5413 sits at the northern-most end of the loco line up, which also includes two 30s and two 60s.

Finally, possibly as late as 1970s, this area was still quite busy. Here 3055T sits rather alone.

Ciao for now!

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