Saturday, November 29, 2014

Picton, Part I

Picton has been one of my favourite places. Apart from the Picton Magpies rugby league team, there always seems to be railway action. The hills around Picton give plenty of notice of this action too, particularly from the south.  And the generations of signallers in Picton Signal Box always seemed friendly, to polite train hunters anyway.

As I have assembled quite a few mediocre photographs at Picton over the years there is enough for a series. While it probably won't be chronological I am going to start off with the stuff that I certainly didn't take as it was nearly before my time. 

First up is 3638 looking resplendent with its red-lined tender, on a fairly humble goods.

Also from the sixties is 4001 with short up goods.  The train itself is as interesting to me as the loco.  Two then-new (I am guessing) CH bogie coal wagons have been tarped and are carrying wheat. These are followed by a series of tarped S trucks - presumably also carrying grain - and then what looks like to be a single load of tarped wool. All off to Sydney.

Taken in 1968 (according to the stamp on the slide mount), 3652 is wrong road through Picton station with an up goods.

Presumably taken on the same day is a light engine movement of a 59 class - which I think was 5914.

Time for a couple of tour photographs, starting with one which will be recreated in 2015 hopefully - 3526 taking water at Picton.

And one which may be emulated in 2015 or 2016, if not recreated - it is 27 October 1968 and 3809 and 6009 hauled a sizeable tour train out of the yard.

Time to finish off with an interstate freight.  This time it is 4408 leading a 45 through the main up platform at speed.

Ciao for now!


  1. Thank you for posting these pictures of Picton. Unfortunately Picton station looks nothing like its former self these days. Some great smaller details in those photos. Will be very useful for the layout.


    1. yes saddly nothing left besides main line and loop line since the "upgrades" to station few yrs back

  2. love seeing pics from picton used to live in thirlmere as from 97-07 and my parents still like there so that area is a spot spot for me

  3. Hi Linton and Oscar, thanks for your comments. I will try to assemble a few more vintage shots of the locale in future posts. It really annoys me that I purposely avoided photographing locations, rather than just trains. Youth is wasted on the young!

  4. The photo of 4001 in Picton is likely to be at least '66-'67. It shows several brand CH coal hoppers tarped. cheers