Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hobart Town

Just celebrating the Australia Day weekend and celebrating that great Australian telco, Telstra, who have managed to restore broadband services to my abode after they accidentally uninstalled something in the local junction box on 23 December 2014. Anyway, enough of the grizzles about overseas-based call centres masquerading as 'service centres who care about you and your family'.  Time to get out of the telco bashing and into the trains...

In 1989 I did a trip to Tasmania and ended up in Hobart for Australia Day. I wandered up to the railway yard where there was absolutely nothing happening. I knew nothing much about Tasmanian railways at the time and still don't, so please bear with me.

Y1 looked a bit faded in its AN livery.

Its immediate sister, Y2, didn't look much better-kept.

 Actually I think the yellow ANR livery is pretty good.  Love the tiger stripes on the cab.

 By now you may have guessed that no-one in the Apple Isle owns a whippersnipper. They had scrumbled up the money to purchase a couple of Queensland veterans, like ZC27...

And ZC10...

And around about now, I needed to beat a retreat to the cool of the car as it was an unseasonal 24 degrees.


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