Friday, August 28, 2015

Picton Hill

When looking for  the shots which composed the last blog I also came across a short set from April 1989 of a weekday afternoon at a location we called 'Picton Hill' - . So at the risk of getting a reputation for hanging out at Picton, here is another few from that location.

This first shot is of 8150 headed to Sydney with an interstate freight. Already the autumnal shadows were encroaching.


Headed the other way are 48152 and 4808 on a ballast.

 This is wahat we came over for - to see a C.  
In this case, C504. Of course a bloody 81 had to be in front of it!
Then the up Riverina XPT rattled past, off to Sydney Town.

Told you it was a short collection of photos. No doubt everything went through 10 minutes after we left.


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