Friday, September 18, 2015


This weekend the mighty LVR are running steam shuttles along the Richmond line.  Which got me thinking about when steam locos were king out that way. It looks like no one in my family was sufficiently motivated to ever head up that way to record the steady stream of C30 tanks and 32 class locos doing the commuter shuttles, but they did get there a couple of times. So its time to review snaps from a couple of those trips.

First up there is a slightly blurry offering of what looks like a flat out 3042 on one of those commuter trains.

 Next up is one of my favourite photos... what more could you want on a winter's afternoon in 1964 than a trip from Wollongong in a Hillman Minx to Richmond loco?

Another shot of 3313 in the winter sun...

And here is one of the few photos Dad took with a child obstructing the view of a loco. As I was only about 8 months old at the time, my uncle got the duty of holding yours truly.  Start of a lifelong love affair with 30 class locos.

Clearly this afternoon was so successful it would be another three years before we would venture that way again.  This time most of the locos were situated near the ancient loco shed.

The keen observers of the last photo would have picked up the little gem in the background and thankfully, someone walked down the yard to photograph it.Yep, a dreamboat 55 class.

And that is it for steam era photographs of Richmond yard in my possession.  I did head back up that way just as electrification was upon the land.  It was a less than speedy trip by two car diesel, but we made it.

I never got a run on CPHs on the Richmond line, those these specimens called Richmond home for a number of years whilst in the employ of the Macquarie Valley Railway.

Sun's out - hope I get to see good reports of 3237 and 5917 doing their stuff up Richmond way.

Ciao for now!



  1. Since the world stopped at Parramatta, i only ever went up the Richmond line about 5 times by Steam, Deisel, and Electricity, THe earlier times to go to the roller Skating Rink at Windsor, as a Teenager

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