Saturday, March 19, 2016

Katoomba - winter 1983

Here's a few shots from Katoomba in the winter of 1983 as a harbinger of cooler weather.

First up, 4615 hides behind a few poles whilst heading up a CUB set.

Probably the same afternoon, a good shot of all the poles at Katoomba station - with a candy 46 on the front of set 84 in the background.

Here is my favourite shot of Katoomba, 46 classes and cement trains.  And I think I may have posted this one once before, but its soooo good.

Time for some more modern electric power - this time 8505 on a down service.

Its slightly younger cousin, resting in the up relief.  This looks to be taken at another time during the week.

Finally, a real goods train!

Will finish up with a practice which is long gone from NSW railway workings... tractor shunting goods wagons.



  1. Great pics, Don. The louvre van is actually an LLV, NLLF 10073, to be exact. It was never a GLX. Cheers

  2. I saw a tractor shunting grain at coota last year

  3. Thanks Ben - eyesight letting me down (once again).

    Probably should have been clearer with my wording too - I meant tractor shunting general freight wagons.

    Cheers, Don

    1. Tractors still used in some maintenance depots, Enfield yard being one.