Saturday, April 22, 2017


This second installment from Frank Barrett is shorter than the first (posted 26 March 2017) but just as interesting - for the all too few people in the world who care about the Richmond to Kurrajong railway. The line was closed in 1952 so if these photos are from that location - and I think they probably are - I am guessing they were taken shortly before its closure.

The photos show 2024 arriving and then ready to leave the terminus. 

I love many things about both photos, including the driver who appears in both, the timber load in the yard, the beaten look of 2024, the panelled carriages and the imperious stance of the station master. But nothing beats the bloke in the white shirt looking into the camera as 2024 arrives.  The mixture of bemusement and seeming annoyance that someone would waste scarce camera film on such a mundane scene is as apparent now as it was when Frank got the original shot developed nearly seven decades ago. 

And sadly that is all we have of Kurrajong.  Next installment we head north.



  1. When I first got back into railway modelling I bought a Sentinel 20 class kit & was going to model a fictitious station heavily based on Kurrajong. It didn't work out but if I'd stayed on that path it would've saved me a lot of money.

  2. I love Kurrajong as a modelling proposition. Two tank locos, a CCA and a few 4 wheelers. Easy Peasy?