Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Few Hours on the River

The River Hawkesbury, that is.  In this second installment from Ian Brady there is a selection of action shots from 24 November 1956.  In my humble opinion just about every one of them is brilliant, even if they may have seemed a bit prosaic at the time to him. Read my previous post if you want to know more about how and why I am presenting another photographer's efforts, but lets get on with the action.

I have no way of knowing what order these are supposed to be so lets start with the start or the end of the journey.  It is labelled as the 'Chips' which seems reasonable.  What I didn't know is that the Railways Administration were guilty of inflicting FGs on the good citizens of the Blue Mountains.  Thought only the southern highlanders and south coasters were that unlucky.  Anyway, here's 4607 at the head of the Chips.

Now, up to the River.  In the hope that someone recognises Ian or whoever this person is, here's a partially obscured tender from 5611. The tender lettering looks like one of my decalling efforts.

Onto the steam action.  Ian may have reflected that he hit the button a fraction early on this shot of a 59 leading a Garratt down Cowan Bank, but I love the result. Poles are up, but no wires at this stage.

Anyone who wants to guess the number of this 38, you are welcome to post your guess in the comments below. Guessing its the Midday Flyer. I reckon its number is somewhere between 06 and 30 (inclusive) and not 13. Yes, I am being a smarty pants.

Better job on working out this one - 3816 also moving a seven car Flyer service at great speed.

And Ian wrapped up his photography that day with snagging 4014 as it emerged from the tunnel. Might even be a greenie?

More to come at a later time.



  1. Like always, brilliant photographs and information.

    Regarding 4014, very good chance it was green, most seemed to be repainted red between 1958 and 1960, according to the following list, which ironically 4014 is the only one without an actual change date!

    4001 Repainted Blue 1/54 and still blue in 7/62. Red ???
    4002 Repainted Blue 1/54 and repianted Red in 11/60.
    4003 Red ????
    4004 Red 9/60
    4005 Red 9/59
    4006 Red 7/60
    4007 Red 11/59
    4008 Red 8/60
    4009 Red 9/60
    4010 Red 10/59
    4011 Red 8/60
    4012 Red 2/60
    4013 Red 5/59
    4014 Red ???
    4015 Red 7/59
    4016 Red 8/59
    4017 Red 8/60
    4018 Red 8/58
    4019 Red 5/60
    4020 Red ???? (Possibly 6/61)


    1. Hi Darren,

      Many many thanks for this list - Ian shot quite a few 40s so I will be referring to it regularly.