Sunday, October 7, 2018

When 3501 came to town.

On 29 August 1968, 3501 made what I think was its last trip to the Illawarra. Here's three shots of this tour.

The first has 01 on the down platform road at Wollongong.  See if you can spot Wally...

Yep, some hoon is photobombing from the end window of what I suspect is a HFL?

The next two shot is from a photostop at the Inner Harbour.  Do this these days and you'll be either run over by quad 82s or arrested for breaching national security.  Or both.

Number 3 shot is the loco shooting back through Mount St Thomas, which suggests the photographer was too slow to the location to get a front-on shot, or it got mucked up somehow.


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