Friday, April 20, 2018

38s on the south

I think its about time to unleash a few more 38s on the populace.  In 1969 the Esteemed Eldest Paternal Uncle pointed his Mini Cooper S in the direction of the southern highlands to capture the beasts in the final days of working passenger trains in that area.  He came back with shots of 3811 and the sublime '13, so lets get into them...

First,3811.  I am not 100% on where these photos were taken and therefore their order so I'll post them and leave it at that.  I am not even sure this all happened on the same day. Anyway, here's a departure from Bargo.

Then at speed...

On the curve at Maldon.

And Menangle.

Now, to 3813.

And again at Menangle Bridge.

I try not to be too sentimental about life but its difficult to make an argument that progress has delivered a better result for those in the highlands in the current rollingstock offering...


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