Monday, January 7, 2019

Ah, the South and the Deep South!

Happy New Year to the entire readership!

Although Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Flickr seem to dominate our social media lives these days, I continue to be grateful for the opportunity to wax lyrical through blogging.It seems so 90s these days!

For no particular reason I thought I would reproduce a few of the family's deep south shots from the early 1960s in this edition.  Lets start with a couple of 1210 from a dull day in 1963. Lets hope 2019 brings an improvement in this loco's fortunes - certainly the recent announcement about the Canberra Railway Museum seem to indicate such a trajectory.

Jump forward a year to April 1964 and just up the road in Goulburn sits 5718 among other goods locos awaiting scrapping - including several 58s. 

It can't be all about 'dead' locos so off the same roll of film we have 5118 at Cootamundra and 5157 at Junee - both the epitome of activity.

And now to wrap up with my usual conundrum for a final photograph. The writing on the slide frame says '3817 on down Melbourne Express at Holbrook 1960'. It may well be 3817, but it definitely isn't Holbrook as the Main South doesn't pass through that town. Based on the silos in the background it could be either Culcairn (which is just a few paddocks away from Holbrook) or even perhaps Henty. And it is technically not a 'Melbourne Express' either - it is either the Riverina Express (most likely) or an InterCapital Daylight Express (less likely? - I am only guessing). 

Regardless of these quibbles, it is a lovely snap of a black 38er on an air-conditioned set, and I am grateful in 2019 that one of my forebears stopped the Hillman to photograph. I can be certain about the Hillman because this family only ever drove Hillmans!

Anyway, once more - Happy New Year!


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