Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from Port loco!

Sitting here in Sydney on this rainy Christmas afternoon in 2012 I was reminded of another rainy, rail-related Christmas.  Turns out exactly 20 years ago we on the eastern seaboard of Australia were spared another scorcher, and it just so happened that I happened upon a sleeping Port Kembla locomotive depot that day too.

At the front of the depot one could always find X101 with her dress off, and it was no different that Christmas.

Then it was time for a wander in the rain. One string of stowed locos stood out in the weather, headed by 4889.  Keen observers will note that a single loco – 42201 on an adjacent road – was the sole evidence of life that day.

Tucked in behind 89 were two of its more elderly sisters – 4848 and 4849.

And down the line were two newer and bluer locos - 42218 and 8024.

And then, just like now, it got too wet to continue.  So, from Port loco and 20 years ago, Happy Christmas and thank you for popping by during 2012!

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