Sunday, December 9, 2012

There is an S in Hamilton

Well, technically there is no 'S' in Hamilton but on Wednesday this week (5 December 2012) when preoccupied in thought and waiting for a train to Sydney, I looked up expecting to find a spark arriving from Maitland.  Instead I found a wonderful yellow S idling into the platform.

These days, the occurrences of a loco appearing in the stretch from Islington Junction to Newcastle proper are fairly rare. And an S class being that loco probably compounds the rarity. Still, I am sure its happened before and it will doubtless happen again.  

But S317's arrival was a nice 'gift' from the railway gods so the camera was grabbed immediately and a photograph was taken.

At this point the camera battery expired, so the raining shots were taken with the trusty Samsung mobile phone, so please excuse the quality.

I took the next shot specifically to frame the Hamilton signage... then again, I could have just photoshopped it in there (if I knew how).

And as soon as it arrived, it was off again.

So, I will get back to describing some Nurail travels soon enough... but I trust at least someone else will get some enjoyment out of an S being somewhere a bit unusual.

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