Friday, June 14, 2013

Bathurst, the prequel...

In October 2012 I posted a shots on this blog around Bathurst in the diesel era. Today's posting shifts the form of locomotion from diesel to steam.  

Here is a small selection of shots taken mainly by the Senior Train Hunter and your scribe from the last years of steam through to the present.

Lets start with a typical shunting scene, being 2606 rumbling around the yard.

Then its across to the loco shed for a mikado, believed to be 5914 or more likely, 5910.

Staying at the depot, this time it is a very grubby 3112.

And coming right forward in time to 1994, here is the incomparable 3801 being watered in the east dock on its return from Dubbo.

And now its time to show a selection of shots of 5112, the loco which has made its home in the Carillon City. First up it is stored at the station in 1975, having been rescued for preservation.

Then someone from the Council got to it with some cheap garish paint. To their credit, it was put undercover.

And now as it is today, in a magnificent shed and having undergone a very comprehensive and flattering cosmetic restoration.

The rather amazing thing about this range of photos is that, if it really is 5910, then everyone of the locos shown have survived in preservation to this day. It seems visiting Bathurst may be good for your longevity!

To finish up, here is 5917 in preservation at Bathurst in the early 1980s.

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