Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gosford in steam

One of my earliest memories is a dull, wet day where the all-pervading ambience was grey. Them, in amongst all the drabness, a patch of life... green. I was about four years of age. 

What am I describing? None other than a family holiday in the rain to Gosford, and our arrival at the railway yard.  All these years later the photo taken of that very scene still startles me with its verdant contrast.

The beautiful 3813, having come off an up passenger service, rests in all its finery.

Welcome to Gosford, a haven for train hunters (steam loco hunters in particular), in the sixties. The following photos were all taken by members of the previous generation of my family during that decade, usually whilst en route to Hawkmount (a story for another day).

I am not going to wax lyrical with words in this post; just let the photos do justice to the variety and activity of railway scenes which could be found at Gosford in those years. Lets start with Nanny 3524, at rest.

That nanny is no longer with us, as is this one... 3509.

A third Nanny found at this location was 3532...

35 class locos did actually run, as evidenced in the following yard shot. Here one heads a 36 class loco on a fright, waiting to follow the 44 class diesel which is coming up though the yard.

And here is what looks like 3532 hooked up to the front of a Garratt, ready to head north on W44 ore.

Enough of the English stuff... Here is US imported 5911, courtesy of Lima Locomotive Works by Baldwin, taking a rest in the sun.

And in near to the same position, a home grown 38 Pacific.

I am going to finish up with a bit of modern steam power... A copy of a deteriorating slide of a refurbished 6037 leading 6042 on a northbound freight.

Then, as a precursor to the next instalment on this city, diesel power in the form of 4008 having worked north with electric loco 4631.

Until next time!

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  1. Hi Don,

    Great photos. I grew up in Lisarow just north of Gosford in the 70's through to the 90's. It certainly was a good train spotting location although nothing the spectacle this would have been.

    Thanks for sharing your stories.

    Cheers Evan, NZ