Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Flying Pig, 3642.

RTM's 3642 ran a flying tour to Port Kembla Inner Harbour on 3 September 1967, whilst wearing the sober NSWGR Black. By all accounts it was a fairly dull day, not made any more sunny by the deterioration in these slides from the family vault. Still, they show a loco in fine condition, with a decent crowd of appreciative locals and travellers alike.

Here is the tour cresting the rise into Wollongong.

Then it was caught running around the inner harbour loop.

And coming back through Mount St Thomas.

Back at Wollongong Station the loco was watered while standing at the up platform, amongst a throng of admirers.

And then it was back off to Sydney, to complete the outing.

3642 has made many more trips to the 'Gong since, most recently in July 2013. It's turned out to be a very dependable and popular visitor to the Coast since that trip 46 years ago this week.

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