Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday's Special

Having received tips from various newsgroups throughout the day about the RTM's South Australian Aurora tour, I headed to Central for the second time this week.

I am old enough to remember the real one, and tonight's version had enough to remind me of those happy times.

The first view...

Apart from the power van and eight sleepers, there were two fully laden lounge cars (including a certain former Deputy Prime Minister, I think), and three dining cars. Dinner looks promising...

Up front there was a welcome imposter in the form of CF4409 as the second unit.

And leading the consist, the venerable 4520...

I do hope the door seals are better than usual, as its going to be a chilly night on the Highlands tonight!

An on time departure was made as 18:39 hours, into a wintry and wet Sydney Yard.

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