Saturday, October 26, 2013

Central in the 90s


Another month has gone by, nearly. I have my priorities completely askew at the moment... Moving house, renovations, work, stuff, etc. it should be nostalgically trawling through photos. Anyway, no time like the present to get lost in the 90s...

By the 90s, Central at night was pretty boring, unless it was downright dangerous.  It's probably why 4817 was found snuggled up in the parcels roads behind platform 1 in the early 1990s.

Here is the most garish 80 class ever to tread the rails.  At the front of an Indian Pacific which was very very late, its appearance came as a total surprise to this laconic commuter.

Now for a couple of the Snora (Melbourne Express for the purists) in the lead up to its replacement by an XPT. First up, 8166 is ready to set off into the burbs.

This is not the same train, obviously, given its on another platform. But it is a representative consist for the period.

One could still get 'traditional Snora' shots long after the train's name had changed.

While on expresses, here is one which headed north. This is actually a fairly rare shot at xploder had a cross-over with loco hauled expresses for only a couple of months. This was late November, 1993.

On to the spare and bizarre.  Here is 42212 off a Southern Highlands service.

And now for the obligatory 'I don't know why it was there' shot. I suspect it was a works train....

And to finish off, here is a U boat. Pretty much the most exotic thing you could get after 1995 at Central.


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