Thursday, September 26, 2013

Koolewong, part III

Folks, its time to cover off some of the types of passenger services which frequented Koolewong in the recent past.

One of the things I like most about this location is the super-elevation placed on the right of way, to allow trains to traverse the location at relatively high speed.  So even if the trains aren't exotic, the angles are somewhat.

Nothing could be less exotic than a V set,  but this one starting to lean into a curve, heading north, gets marginally more interesting.

Stopping services on the return pose issues for guards, who must check that passengers have joined or left the train safely. Here, one such guard does that.

Time to acknowledge the banal. A Tangara. Enough said.

Express services race through at 80kph, which is far too quick for my little camera.

Eight long distance services pass through daily. Six involve XPTs, like this Brisbane-bound service.

The other service is the North West Xplorer.

Apart from the regularly scheduled passenger services, Koolewong gets its fair share of tourist and heritage operations. First up, the Cockie headed north!

Then the sublime... 3801 doing what it did best, going as fast as it was allowed.

On another sunny day, the RTM's 4201 headed north on its way to Maitland Steamfest.

On the same weekend as shown in part 1 of this series 3112 was caught ad it worked through to Gosford.

All trains heading out of the big smoke have to return... Here 3642 does just that in the gloom.

Finally, its back to electric traction, but preserved electrics. What was once probably mundane... double 86s... is now no more, or very rare.

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