Friday, January 24, 2014

Orange East Fork

As a precursor to posting a few snaps of Orange East Fork these days, I thought I'd slap down a few from days of yore.

Most of these shots were taken on family trips en route to Dubbo and beyond. We don't have much of Orange, compared to Lithgow or Bathurst or Dubbo. I guess the reason for this was me. We always left the Illawarra around dawn, had a big stop somewhere on the Blue Mountains as a result of me chundering (I was a sensitive child), burnt precious minutes at Lithgow and Bathurst, loco depots and so had to race through Orange in case there was something good at Molong or Dubbo. Makes sense now. Anyway, onto the snaps...

First up is 6005, a Garratt tucked away, waiting its next call to duty. Memo to the cameraman; level the camera.

Next up is a phot explaining why you didn't bother with Orange... Or spot the loco... There are three here.

Other days you could get closer...4480 was caught in the early 80s sunning itself.

Not all locos at Orange got away... Am not sure that 4436 went further in revenue service?

And then there were 47s. Often they had snuck across from Parkes. 4705 now resides in Werris Creek but in the 80s it seemed like it was the only 47 I ever saw.

Talking of the 80s, here is another sort of 80s... 8020.

And to wrap up, the enduring sentinels at the Fork... The water tank and the signal box. Here is an XPT zipping into the distance.

And to finish, the tank.

Its lovely.

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