Thursday, February 6, 2014

Orange East Fork in 2014

In my last post I foreshadowed that I had a few shots of Orange East Fork, taken about a month ago.  Its a pretty lonely place... tumbleweeds weren't seen but you could feel their presence.

Lets start where I left off with the last blog -  the water tank.

And here is a view across the turntable, looking southeast (I think its southeast anyway).

Here is the loneliest little S wagon... couldn't get a number for it and I don't know that its much good for anything apart from to keep a few Orangonians warmer this coming winter.

Across the way from the turntable, near the old sanding equipment, a solitary louvre van awaits its fate.  Though I didn't venture over there, I suspect it once trod the rails as an MRC (?).  Happy to be corrected.

I think I will finish up this quick survey of the old loco depot with the classic side-on shot of the turntable..



  1. Hi Don,
    That S truck in photo 3 looks more like a D truck. Wooden under frame and wooden sides give it away but the auto couplers are unusual. Love your photos as well....brings back memories of the '70's and '80's.


  2. Thanks Rob. Could be a D truck upon reflection. Its truly in woeful shape - past restoration sadly.

  3. Actually Rob, your wrong still.. It's a W wagon, which is basically a B wagon with cut down sides. The same wagon type is at Newnes.