Thursday, February 20, 2014


According to Wikipedia, AD 6029 is a four cylinder, simple, non-condensing, superheated, articulated steam locomotive built for the NSW Government Railways by Beyer Peacock and Company.

According to the rumour mill, after five years of restoration apparently 6029 completed a steam test of its boiler very recently.

If the rumour mill is true, and I hope it is this time, perhaps it won't be much longer before this fine loco treads the rails under its own power.  In anticipation of that eventuality, here's a couple from the vault of the last time a family member saw a Garratt move.

I think the year was 1982 and 6029 was off for an afternoon run.

Here is a shot from the train. Even the cows showed a passing interest.

And here is the old girl, on its return.

So, here's hoping, 107 years after a NSWGR employee invented the Garratt concept, we get to see one run once more!



    video link of the steam test