Monday, June 9, 2014


My first record was a seven inch recording of steam engines ascending Hawkemount, which means that I never had much of a chance.

Hawkemount is located between Dora Creek and Awaba, on the NSWGR's mainline, otherwise known as the Short North.   It is a brutal and lengthy grade, the sort of stretch of permanent way that limits loadings on this State's rail infrastructure.

I was too young to camp out at Hawkemount in those final days of steam, though I was lucky enough to be taken there for a few hours one family holiday.  My mother and sister must have been the luckiest women in NSW that day.  However they were a bit unlucky, as nothing came by during our sojourn.

Enough of these reminiscences,  time for some photos.  Lets start with a green 3813 in a black and white photo...

Film was also wasted on diesels, thankfully... here's a 44 headed down the hill with a short wheatie.

Now for some colourful steam... here, 6022 trundles a collection of 4 wheelers along the mainline.

The epitome of steam power... 3822 in full flight on an evening Flyer

3820 leads a quiet life these days at Thirlmere.  Hopefully one day it can be put back to work like it is seen here.

Now, here is a big photo of a big train... 6001 leads another Garratt to Newcastle.

Synomous with the short north were 59s.  Here 5902 leads a Garratt around the bend.

Once 35s had been withdrawn, 36 class locos became more frequent visitors to Hawkemount.

And finally, to the digs which provided comfort and amenity to many - Hotel Hawkemount. Looks inviting!

Ciao for now!


  1. Thanks Don. What a great compilation!

    cheers Phil

    1. Thanks Phil, its good fun doing this.