Saturday, July 5, 2014

It was 50 years ago today... almost

Actually, 50 years ago tomorrow, 6 July 1964, the first mainline diesel was allocated to the Illawarra.  It was 4846 and it was the harbinger of a generation of diesel locomotives until the arrival of the overhead wiring in the mid-1980s. 

In honour of that event I thought I would post a few shots of what 48s did most and best - local passenger workings. And I thought I should use only photos taken over the back of my grandparents' back fence, as part of one of my current series of blog posts.

Somewhat ironically I don't seem to have many shots of 48s on FO sets, although they were ubiquitous for the first decade of diesel hauled passenger services. Here's one, headed towards Wollongong.

Here is your classic three-quarter angle shot, into the afternoon sun, with 4888 leading a north-bound workers' train.

And another type of passenger, this time with 4802 leading a rake of heavy cars.  This service was probably bound for Sydney given the carriages.

Another one off to Sydney - 4827 this time.  Getting monotonous? This was the 1970s/1980s on the Coast!

And in the other direction - 4853 with a lengthy and eclectic collection of carriages off to the Gong.

And this could be a trailing shot of the same train. There is at least one 48 up front.

Just for a change, here's double headed 48s!

I hope this isn't boring anyone yet! Here's a change - a dilapidated 4835 in charge of a southbound service.

Sometimes only the angles change... 4897 heading across the bridge with the Sunday morning all stations service.

As electrification approached, the trains just got daggier.  Whatever still ran OK was used on the local services.

It wasn't enough.  De-powered suburban electric sets were pressed into service, hauled by - surprise surprise - 48s.  This 48 - 4813 or 4818 - even had a pole growing out of the front of it!

Ev en after electrification arrived, 48s ploughed on... to finish off here is 48115 and 48124 headed south under the wires. The carriage just outnumber the locos.

 So, that's enough for now... until next time, ciao!


  1. Hi Don,
    Your photos bring back a lot of memories. Those R cars with the Belcawat windows would have to be the ugliest upgrade of any NSWGR vehicle. What were the Railways thinking?
    Anyway, thanks for posting the pics.


  2. Hi Rob,

    Yes they were shockers. Could only be contemplated on rolling stock destined for the South Coast. We used to call them the gaol cars. About the only bit of rolling stock I was pleased to see get to the scrapper's torch.