Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sunday morning in Bombo

Hopefully every Sunday morning is as lazy as this one, which is allowing me to further test the shortest way to rip old videos and then to upload them on blogs.  

For this test I thought I would pop back to Sunday, 19 January 1991. A quick trip down to Bombo had been taken as we knew the South Coast Daylights were not long for the world.  

And here it is... 42214 sneaking up to the tunnel to Kiama.

Further up the hill that morning was the Senior Train Hunter with his prized VHS camcorder - all 83 pounds of it.  While the photo is OK, the video is a cracker.  It really shows the lousy condition of the bridges and track-work on the South Coast.  Any modeller who laid this sort of alignment would rip it up the next weekend. Turn up the sound folks, and wait for 51 seconds of GM power on display!


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