Friday, August 22, 2014

Borenore, I think...

I have been off the air for a fortnight or so thanks to the Internet gremlins... obviously my last post offended them.  

In my absence from the air waves a gentleman on the Ausloco chat group was asking about Borenore in the 1960s and 1970s.  I don't have anything from that era but I do have a story from the 1985 October Long Weekend which started in Orange and ended up in Borenore.  Or at least I think it was Borenore... not sure I have been there since!

I think I have said in other posts that I usually tried to avoid Orange and tried to avoid rail photography on long weekends because nothing ever happened.... and here is an example of that, but this time it paid dividends.  

I sat at the one position in Orange for the next photo for probably 90 minutes.  Although I was happy with the initial shot I wanted one with a typical Alco start-off... smoke and oils going everywhere.Instead I got humming, for a very long time.

Finally dispensing with the idea of chasing the train back towards Sydney, I headed further west.  Deciding to travel along the Scenic Route I gave up on seeing anything before Dubbo,  But lovely little Borenore changed all that.

I had stopped to photograph this lovely yard crane. Obviously the local fettlers were artistic types who didn't mind suspending a length of rail 8 feet in the air for the weekend.


No sooner had I taken the photo then I heard what I had yearned for in Orange - an Alco burble. Indeed, I was to be rewarded by two Alcos trundling down the hill to Borenore. Yep, 44210 and 4492 were treading through territory which was clearly  slated for some emergency track repairs.

And they trundled to a stop. I must have been saving film for places west, as I only took one shot. (Hey, if you forgot to buy film before a long weekend there was usually bucklies of replenishing it until everyone went back to work).  Anyway, here is a lovely shot of the 442 nestled against the out-of shed.

And then I was off in the Gemini to Dubbo...

If I had not sat in Orange for what seemed like forever, I would have missed this.

So, if anyone knows who was asking on Ausloco, perhaps you would be so kind as to send him the link? Who knows, maybe he really needs to know that the road side of the out-of shed was a rather sturdy affair?

Ciao for now!


  1. Been a big fan of your blog for a long time now. Your photos and videos are priceless mate.
    You wouldn't happen to have photos of trains running on the metropolitan goods line would you? In between Chullora and Darling Harbour?

  2. Hi Dimi,

    Many thanks for your kind words mate!

    Sadly, being a Wollongong boy I didn't really get into the swing of chasing trains on the Metro goods line until too late. Will go digging and see what I can find.

    In the meantime, one of my first blog posts - Redfern - had a few goods trains headed to Darling Harbour, just before they shut the yard.