Monday, September 1, 2014

Lunchtime, 19 January 1991, Kiama

I remember feeling somewhat elated after getting through the job of scanning about 12,000 railway-related slides and prints in about 2001.  Now I am ploughing through hours and hours of video and getting rather bogged down, reminiscing. Should have it all done by 2021!

Enough whinging. Stills are great to study for detail, but one of the good things about video is how it can bring an event in one's dim past back to life.  So it is with the following sequence.  Here is 42212 on the up midday express approaching Kiama.  I took this photo from the road bridge. 

The motley collection of carriages trailing the loco warranted a second shot, so I did.

I also like the way the 2 car diesel is tucked in behind on the turntable road.  Kiama was a compact yard and must have been a shunter's nightmare as it always seemed to be packed.

After the train rolled through I scuttled along to get a take-off shot.  It worked out OK, but is pretty ugly.

And tonight I put two and two together.  Apparently the Senior Train Hunter was on the video camera and managed to get the all-important staff exchange, as well as the take-off.  So I'll leave you with these two sequences.

Yes, that was a real 422 class whistle!




  1. Lucky to take an extra pic at times, years later it's more interesting than the main pic. That grey oddball RUB set RS car is rebuilt BKS 2301.

  2. Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the comments!