Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Up the hill, once more

Apologies to anyone who watched the video of Bob climbing Farmborough Heights in my last post.  Through a version control issue I managed to post 30 seconds of delightful birdsong, then the old boiler bursts into view.

As recompense, may I offer a bonus? In September 1989 the RTM attempted to run a triple header up the hill, using 3642, 5910 and 3801. Unfortunately 3801 was failed before the event so 3001T stepped in.

Keen observers will notice the 'adjustment' to 3001T's number, alongside the headboard using Australia Post's slogan of the time.

Two years later the RTM managed to get all three mainliners on the same train. This time there was a video camera handy...

Ciao once more!

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