Friday, June 12, 2015

Broady loco

My trips to Broadmeadow loco depot were few, being a Wollongong boy. However we did drop by a few times in the 1980s.  Sadly I never recorded the dates of those visits, except that I do remember that they coincided with trips to the Newcastle model railway show at the basketball stadium nearby.  That sure narrows it down! Anyway, over to taking a peak at a few of the photos that we snapped (I think) on two separate visits. 

Before going further I also better note that whenever I visited a loco depot I sought and obtained permission to be on the premises. Never had a problem with the staff here or anywhere, just needed to be respectful and understanding that these people had a job to do.

First of all, lets start with a shot from the train travelling through the yard.  It was always 'eyes left'! I think this one and the next two photos were from 1987ish...

This is a slightly out-of-focus shot, included just for its most excellent demonstration of work, health and safety (80s-style) happening on 4463.

And for a better shot of 48101 and 4518 (I think) in fine repair...

The remainder of the photos in this blog date from a slightly earlier time. Lets start with no fewer than seven 48s lined up around the turntable. Almost sad that 4814 appears in this otherwise-candy line-up.

And for the rest of the line-up that day... a slightly more eclectic collection...

Will finish up with a few close-ups... up first, 4715 and 4472 of the same location shot from different locations. Just love this shot.

Moving away a bit I caught the same two locos in the background to 4470 and 8047...

Then a photo from across the turntable of a loco actually moving, and it was no less than a 47 class - 4718 to be precise.

I wasn't going to include this shot as it is a bit cropped, but 97% of a 45 is still probably worth looking at.

Ciao for now!

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