Sunday, June 21, 2015

DEBs I have known - Part I

The 900 class diesel train.  Not the most handsome beast on rails but they sure did get around.  I have found enough half decent or half interesting photos of DEB sets around NSW to do a couple of posts, so this one concentrates on the pre-candy era.

Lets get straight into the 1970s, starting as the Northern Tablelands Expresses were crossing at Ardglen one fine day.

Staying in the New England, here is the Northern Tablelands Express rolling across the Peel River viaduct at Tamworth in May 1976.  All up, the photographer (not me, I was standing next to him) did a fine job of avoiding the poles.

I'll wind back the clock to the late 1960s to a place called Eumungerie, on the Coonamble line.  Coonamble was visited by the Far West Express twice weekly from its introduction in 1957 through to the demise of passenger services in 1975.  Here's a couple of shots, the second highlighting the dinky guardsvan attached to this service.

This next one is from Cootamundra, showing the Riverina Express.  Again, a timely shot between the poles. From memory this was around 1977 or 1978.

Now to the 1980s.  And to Central.... Looks like the 'Riv'...

This is definitely the Riv, on its way to Sydney on a particularly hot evening in January 1981 at Bundanoon.

The following year I snapped this one from the top of an embankment a near Wilton. We were waiting for the northbound overnight expresses so it must have been early when this one tried to sneak by, headed south.

Time to finish up this installment, back up the north west.  The first is a three car DEB set so I am guessing it is somewhere north of Werris Creek. 

And to wrap up, just south of Werris Creek, with the DEB revving up on its return to Sydney/

Until next time!

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