Sunday, July 12, 2015

More from Norff Gong

Don's stupid photographic rule #37... don't waste scarce film on light engine movements.  I never did, anyway, until about 1994.

Here is another installment of 'what ran past the back fence at my grandmother's place at North Wollongong'.  In the case of light engine movements, thanks to my stupidity, this will be a short but fairly interesting blog.

Lets start with a couple before I could hold a camera.  This first one is pretty notable, he says immodestly.  It is of 2001 and a PWD loco - thought to be 1803 - headed on a one way trip to Thirroul and points north after the closure of the Reid's Hill loco depot in 1964.  I think the 18 class is just along for the ride.

Going the other way, here's double 55s headed to Unanderra to take up banking duties on goods trains to Moss Vale.  Nice to see both a Wampu and a turret tender in tow.

Nothing says 1970s in Wollongong like a 48 class, so I need to include at least one.

And to wrap up, the other form of traction to work past the back fence.  This was taken in May 1994 and by then I was taking photos of light engine movements.

Ciao for now!


  1. Hey Don,
    What is it with Grandmothers and railway lines? Mine used to live at Orchard Crescent, Ashfield opposite the goods yard. Gawd I wish I'd had a camera back then and been able to use it. The procession of trains was unbelievable and add the shunting movements in the goods yard, it was train heaven. Love your photos, they bring back good memories.


    1. Thanks Rob! Ashfield must have been a pretty interesting place with that little yard. Wish it was still around.