Friday, July 31, 2015

The fabulous 60s

Went down to the local station this morning to watch the star attraction of the NSW heritage railway scene steam by on its way to Botany.  

I got talking to one of the many who were down there.  He was in his 70s I guess and told me that when he he was a lad catching the train to school 60 years ago there was often a Garratt held at the signal on the metro goods line, waiting for the triangle at Dulwich Hill to clear.  There he was, 60 years later, capturing it on his iPhone. There's progress.

Anyway, before I load up this morning's proceedings, here's  a couple of 60 classes in revenue service in 1966/67. Both at Campbelltown, both on coal trains. First up, 6002, in February 1966.

Now just check out those cars behind 6016!

A quarter of a century later in May 1993, 6029 was slumbering under its tarpaulin in Canberra.

And now to today - ditch lights blaring... the grand dame steaming through Hurlstone Park.

And if you want to watch it run through, try this link to my youtube channel.

Ciao for now!


  1. Well there you go! I have been a fan of your blog and your excellent collection of images for a few years now, little did I realise we share the same local station!

  2. Hi Harley, glad to hear the locals appreciate the work! I am only a blow in here - since September 2013. Have got the metro goods line at my back fence. Never ever going to leave! Can't understand why people don't want coalies to roll past your kitchen window at 4am.

    Don't mention to anyone that Hurlo has a great little Greek cake shop and a pizza bar to keep those famished train hunters in good stead. I just love grabbing a coffee and loitering on the overbridge. If you ever see a bloke with a prissy white camera (its actually the better half's), please say gidday!