Friday, December 18, 2015

A few 48s in Central

Here's a few shots I nearly didn't take.If you are like me, there is never a real lot of time between getting to the station and getting on the train. Usually just enough time to get a pie, muffin, donut (or all three) and a coffee. 

It was only every third of fourth trip that I managed to get out the camera, which was (at the time) a shocking little plastic instamatic. It produced low quality grainy prints which gives the grittiness in the photos I am now about to post.

In 1994 I was chasing 44s, 45s and 442s.  I would stop for those.  Less so their little Alco sisters, the 48s.  Anyway, here are a few to remember from the first half of that year...

The year was only a fortnight old when I found 4804 alongside platform 1, but obviously couldn't be bothered walking over to photograph it up close.

I returned the following day to find the 28th and 31st members of the class tied up against 42212.

I was so happy I even took a second shot - a close up of 4831's cab.

On 18 January I found 4841 hiding behind a real mainline loco.

On 24 April 1994 4859 and 4826 were working a ballast through the yard.

And finally, on a cold winter's evening in June 1994, 4817 was found in the same place as 4804 had been captured earlier in the year.  This time I did walk over.

Ciao for now!

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