Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Farewell 2015

I threatened one more post for 2015 so here it is...I have been reflecting on the 250+ snaps and videos I have taken of trains this year and there are a few personal favourites - as well as quite a few dogs! It didn't take too long to select a personal favourite which is the following shot.

Yep, a couple of humble and tatty 48s stowed at Werris Creek on the 4th day of July this year. Why did I pick it? Well, it was part of a great weekend away in those parts but its a bit of a sentimental favourite too.  Going back a few years my annual photo collection was littered with 48s but these days they are scarce beasts in my hemisphere.  Probably not before time you may well say, but I do fear for their continued operation on the mainlines of NSW.  

If they are to operate then perhaps it will be only with Graincorp on their seasonal wheaties, a condition that I discovered 48215 (nee 48149) to be in on the same day and at the same location.

So, there you have it... these were the only two 48s I saw all year earning their keep.  Sure, I have seen the two butter-menthol hued 48s doing their XPT transfer work around Sydney and a couple of restored/heritage units, but its otherwise been a lean year!  

Even with 165 units in the class I always lapse into thinking that I have tons of shots of every 48 that ever went around. Not quite the case, though I think the case is proved with 48157 which haunts me.

I only have a couple of shots of 48153, the earliest being from 1 March 1984 when it and 4809 (another haunter of mine) were snapped at the Erko end of AcDep shunting the Southern Aurora cars.

And 48161 has been similarly elusive - only got it for the first time in 2009 at Port Kembla squished between a couple of mainliners...

So before I finish off the year I want to thank everyone who has indulged me by visiting this blog over the last year. I don't measure value by page views but getting these shots out and onto this blog is far better in my opinion anyway, than have them festering in some mouldy drawer. 

Fittingly, I will depart this blog for this year with my final train-shot for 2015. It was one of those classic events - know the train is coming, left things to the last moment, broke thong when running to bridge with camera, had to run in bare feet with baby in backpack on-board - get to hear the Alco go through under the bridge with 20 yards to run. Make the effort and get it disappearing around the corner at Hurlstone Park...

Happy New Year... May 2016 bring you all the little Alcos you desire!

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