Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Evidence of civilisation

Two civilised ways to get out of NSW disappeared on 8 February 1990, 26 years ago this week.  

The first way was the Brisbane Limited Express. On the last occasion the Limited ran 8605 and 8639 led the train out of platform 3. A fellow traveller/photographer stepped up to give the photo that special touch.... hmmm. 

At least he didn't run interference in the next shot. These are the best shots possible without breaching various statutes. Sorry.

Always liked the iron angles of the MBY. Here is one of my art shots... I call it mail-van though MBY arch. Snort.

Of course the other way out of Sydney was the Gold Coast Motorail. Here's a couple of snaps of 7350 hooked up the wagons which lent their names to the train, while 8154 and 8173 look on. I suspect these were the train locos instead of the more usual 86s, but didn't stick around to find out. At least we can be pretty certain the 73 didn't take the train north.

Civilised? Well, I will finish up  with a couple of shots to support that contention. Dining car ABS 2306 was in the consist to service the sleeping and first car patrons, while buffet car RDS 2263 was two slots further down the consist to deliver food and victuals to economy class passengers.

Civilised, indeed!


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