Saturday, January 30, 2016

The humble 600s

For my 150th post on this blog I thought I would once more return to the back fence of my grand parent's place in North Wollongong, and to the once mundane.  Here's a short collection of shots covering the 600 (620, 660) class railcars going about their business.

Starting with one which captures the grimy hue that typified these railcars - an all stations local morning service.

I am guessing that this next shot is from the late 1970s, and I am also guessing that its run through from Sydney.

Time for some fence. This one is dark and it difficult to see.  But it does show the differing liveries applied in the 1970s and it also captures a fair lump of back fence!

You deserve brightness after the drab in the last three shots so I've selected one from 1986 in the reverse scheme and a candy set from 1989 to finish thing off on a more colourful note.

Humble, utilitarian, reliable...  


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