Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dubbo, from the platform

The beaut thing about Dubbo is that the station platform gave and gives an excellent viewing platform for whatever was in the yard. Although it was on the southern side of the railway, some good shots could be had. So here is a few, though I suspect the photographers shuffled off the platform to trespass down the yard at time. 

First up, 3815 is on the up Through Mail around 1964. A 36 class sits opposite.

A year later, Dubbo's small loco shed was found hosting two garratts, two 32s and 3818.

Lets move to some colour fillum! A cleaned up slide of 3237 (we suspect) and 3144T, themselves spruced up in front of the shed which needed a little sprucing itself. It was 10 April 1966.

Finally, for this installment, its January 1967 and 3649 and 3328 are residents at Dubbo loco depot.
That's enough for now!


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