Sunday, June 17, 2018

From the vault, and probably should stay there.

I figure its about time to post some of our own photos for a change, especially as this is the 200th blog post. So here's a few from the vault from around Sydney in the early 1960s. Each snap has a little story or quirk (at least to my tiny mind), as well as a few deficiencies.

Lets start with a photograph that has at least two quirks. It would seem that the pig is 3670, but with 3646's tender. The second quirk is the white roof on the guardsvan behind 1941.  Its at Redfern around 1960, by the way...

And then there is this one of stored electrics.  I suspect its around Enfield somewhere. The first car is a Bradfield and the next two are run of the mill, but I have never worked out what the last carriage is in this line up.

This third photograph is straightforward - the mystery is that the 41 actually appears to be moving.  A class not known for movement.

Not much in question in the next shot, apart from the identity of the trucks loaded behind the 38.  The identity of the 38 is also in question - at least its not the 3-8-0-1.

And I am going to finish with a photo that probably can't be fixed until the 22nd century.  It highlights the frustrations of manual wind-on cameras in the 1960s.  In all the excitement of finding 3224 hauling a HG and a dead pig probably for scrapping, the film was not advanced for the next shot. 

So, I'll leave you with a big 'thank you' for persevering with me for 200 posts and a promise that many more marginal photographs are still to be published in the next 200 posts.



  1. Interesting roof colou on the EHO, as you say, but it's likely recently refinished Navy Dressing with the light reflecting off it. The Electrics are at Chullora Junction West heading towards SPJ. The last car looks like a Parcel van. Enjoyed your many posts and images.

  2. Hi Steven, sorry, only just realised you had commented on this post. I'll defer to your much greater knowledge of guardsvan roof colours! Suspected it could have been some sort of undercoat prior to the navy dressing, or just the Agfa slide processing going horribly wrong. Cheers,Don