Saturday, September 14, 2013

From the water's edge

For those unfamiliar with the NSW Central Coast, between Woy Woy and Gosford the railway line hugs the shoreline of a body of water known as Brisbane Waters. The first stop north of Woy Woy is Koolewong, which has morphed from a fishing outpost to a commuter suburb.

Koolewong has a wharf and a park, right on the water. From here one can watch trains to the south as they curve past Murphy's Point.  A more committed photographer can do a lot with framing and composure, but you are just getting my lazy attempts to capture services as part of a larger landscape.  First up, a Tangara.

Now for a XPT, heading to Grafton.

The other ubiquitous sight are V set interurbans.

Now, completely out of left field, 3112 on a 3801 Ltd tour.

And now its time for a few freights. Firstly, the standard 2+1 combo- two NRs and a DL on a Pacific National freight. Somewhat uncommonly, the DL is not marshalled between the NRs.

Headed the other way are two GLs on a freight out of Newcastle.

Perhaps my favourite is the following, a classic combo of back to back CLPs or CLFs... Operated by QR National at the time, off to Brisvegas.

And now to finish on an arty shot by Junior, across the water at night.

I have a couple more sets of Koolewong shots to come, so please stay tuned and thanks for sticking around.

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