Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Koolewong freights

In part II of this trilogy, I thought we would move a bit closer to the rail action at Koolewong. 

The staple of intrastate freight is coal, usually hauled by triple or quad 82 class locomotives. Over the past decade interlopers like DL, G and 81 class locos have been sighted in the shafts. On one such day, 8218 led two sisters plus an 81 on a coal heading north.

81s regularly get a run up front on grain trains, on this occasion with a couple of 48s trundling behind.

If 82s and 81s have intrastate freight tied up, the same could be said until recently for NRs with interstate freight. Coming the other way on dusk are two members of that class.

Now, a few more unusual 'items'. First up, a former Victorian government X class loco working south for the Queensland government.

And now two Western Australian government K class locos trailed by a native NSW loco on a ballast.

Now for a couple of RL class locos which entered service in the era of private operators, without possessing a State heritage.

And back to the old warhorse, a former NSWGR 442 class wearing privateer colours. Behind it a sister 442 and an Alco cousin, 45s1.

And finally, when it gets quiet late at night, peace does come to Koolewong.

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