Monday, February 16, 2015

Enfield's survivors

About a year ago I started what has proven to be a very occasional series of posts on Enfield loco depot in the 1960s and 1970s. Given that my last post on this subject was April 2014 it has proven to be very occasional.  Time to redress the absence with a post covering those locos which went though storage at Enfield and didn't end up scrapped.

First shot is one of an oil-burning 5910 being hauled across the turntable by 1033. I have this photo marked as June 1963. At this time 1033 was supposed to be the Eveleigh shunter but may have been doing a cameo.  5910 was converted to coal burning in early 1966 and both are now with the organisation formerly known as the Rail Transport Museum (RTM).

The alleged reason for the RTM's existence was the preservation effort focussed on 5711. Here it is around 1966 at rest. Ignore those youngsters climbing on it with screwdrivers - it was the 60s!

Around 1970 a number of RTM and other preserved locos were located together - 3265, 3801, 3642, 3616, 381 and 3820 at Enfield all make it into this photo.

1919 never looked better than when it was withdrawn.  It had a run on an RTM tour so had been spruced up somewhat.

1076 was another of those locos that probably shouldn't have survived, but did.  Now it rests at Goulburn.

3102T was about to escape storage and head to Canberra by the time this photo was taken around 1975.

Finally, in 1975 3237 had to wait a long time for preservation but it was worth it. 

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