Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fave 44s

Sunday afternoon is not time for a cerebral task.  I started a rather self indulgent frolic - selecting my favourite photos.  After selecting about a dozen I realised that eight contained 44 class locos.  So I chose another two photos of 44 class locos and now have ten of my favourite 44 class shots. 

These photos aren't incredible compositions or particularly insightful; just pleasant reminders of the work-horses that these locos were between 1957 and 2012. First up, 4473 is on a fuel train through Scone in 1979.

I remember this bloody hot January day in 1981 at Bundanoon. 4405 and 4516 nipped through town and we got them at the top of the grade.

This is one of those ripper shots not taken by me.  I think Senior got it on one of those trips to the Liverpool Ranges when the trains were running, as opposed to all the times I went there when they weren't running.  4453 is on the front of quad Alcos lifting a grain to Newcastle in 1982.

If there is a place in NSW where trains don't run when I am around it is the Western Division.  Here, 4474 must not have got the memo... I think its near Brewongle. Really love the sky and the Patterson's Curse.

Another 'wish I got it' shot, but thankfully Senior did.  Its 1983 and 4416 is at Otford and off to the South Coast.

By now you may have guessed that I am particularly partial to Series 1 44s, No.2 end leading.  Here is another, this time at Central.

This shot of 4445 was got at Wollongong just before the electrification works commenced.  Photo was taken at dusk on a Sunday afternoon when I had a particularly large dose of Mondayitis. Gee, just like every Sunday evening, ever since.

Here is a third shot by Senior - he managed back-to-back Candy 44s at the most picturesque spot on the NSWGR (in my opinion). Plain lucky.  It was 4405 and 4456 for the purists.

This one is mine - triple 44s flying through Stroud Road. It was good to be holding onto the flimsy railing at the stop when this one shot through.

And finally, a hack shot at a hack location (according to some) - but I love it.  The lavender 4488 leading the white & green 4458 on PAT1 containers at Canterbury on 5 September 2002.

Ciao for now!

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