Saturday, February 7, 2015

Picton Part II - Steam in the diesel era

Its been three months since the first installment of the Picton series, so it is time for another dose of the best little town south of Menangle and north of Bargo.  This time I thought I would clean out a few remaining steam shots so the next installment can concentrate on superfreighters and block coal etc. 

So, to steam locos in preserved service. I appreciate the recent populist trends to colourise our rail heritage by painting everything that steams into a livery that may have some tangential connection to the locomotive concerned. In my humble opinion, there are few finer things than a black pig (one which comes to mind is a black pig heavily weathered after years working on the Western Division of the NSWGR). Exhibit A is 3616 on a tour at Picton on 20 December 1970.

3137 was a stalwart for the RTM in its early years at Thirlmere. I think these two shots are from the winter of 1979 as it works the last shuttle of a Sunday afternoon.

I think I was going through a glint-shot phase as I scored 3214 in basically the same position in 1983.

The next three shots are from the RTM's Open Day in 1989. First up is 3112 and 5910 working through to Thirlmere.

Another shuttle involved 3001T and 3137.  Nearly another glint shot!

And here is 3801, which once appeared at every steam festival because it was the epitome of rail heritage.  There is not much to the photograph, but take a look at the bloke on the footbridge copping a lungful of smoke!

Finally, for many years every trip to Picton meant seeing a green C38 Pacific. Sadly, it was 3813 (or the greater part thereof) loaded into S trucks.


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  1. Once again thanks for the Picton shots. I didn't realise 3813 sat in the siding for so long! Bring on the next instalment!